10 Modern Living Room Interior Design & Decor Ideas You Need

10 Modern Living Room Interior Design & Decor Ideas You Need

Who isn’t a fan of modern house interior design ideas today? The designs that are thought out of the box, with a combination of monochromatic, minimalist and rustic or mid-century approach, such ideas bring in the right aesthetic and vintage vibes to your house. 

The combination of these artistic ideas in your living room will bring out the ideal modern interior design ideas that you need! This is why the article below presents multiple modern living room interior designs for you.


Look at the Peculiar Modern House Interior Design Ideas

Modernist designs can add a special touch to your home with their innovative approach and clean finish.

Decorating your home with less  

The approach of using less furniture for decoration sets the benchmark for the exquisite look modern house interior design can give to your house.

Below are the 10 most dominant modern interior design ideas that you must try out for giving your living room that touch of elegance.

A Modernist Art Hanging in Your Living Room

With Modernist’s ideology of using vibrant colours to express artwork like abstract art, cubism, etc. A piece of modernist art hanging in your living room with a sleek or almost no frame is a perfect match of your minimal designs and simple yet modern interior design ideas.

The inclusion of a monochromatic colour palette, along with natural materials, and to top it off, natural light coming into your living room, is one of the most prominent modern designs to bring serenity and attention to your door!

Minimal Design Trend .

Minimalism exposes the modern house interior design to a simpler yet bolder look. With a uniform colour scheme, it highlights the idea to smooth the living components. It is a look where each furniture piece has its own function and significance in the space.

Even if the spaces are empty, minimalism ensures they look chicer. It’s a quintessential form of bringing a calming aesthetic into the picture. The uncluttered rooms with clean lines and natural colours, constitute this approach.

Monochromatic Living Room

To give your room an all dramatic look, following a monochromatic colour scheme in your modern house interior design is the ideal choice. With the colour design curated upon a single colour’s foundation, the monochromatic living room with its minimal and clean look provides a stylish design to your home decor.

The use of metallic accents in the same is cherry on the cake. The colours create a contract and a lovely impact on everyone!

Line Focussed Designs

Modern interior design ideas known for their easy, simple and clean finish majorly constitute line focussed designs that echo in your living room with their bold horizontal and vertical lines. Cylindrical columns are also a part of such clean finishings and provide a profound use of reinforced concrete.

Modern Rustic

Modern rustic, the interior design idea for your living room lends you a vintage atmosphere surrounded by antiques of the mid century. The designs use clean lines together with a practical living approach to allow functioning and storage of furnishings used for life at persistent pace. Antique details and natural textures add an elegant effect to the room with the effective modern house interior design for your living space.

The addition of wood as an element in this design acts as a grace with its panelled woody walls or a raw wooden work done handsomely.

Plain and Restrained Decor (streamlined furniture) Industrial Interior Design.

Industrial Interior design comes from the warehouses, factories and other manufacturing structures of the 20th century. It uses the aesthetic of the industrial spaces at that time with its salvaged material, brick walls, wooden frameworks, exposed pipes, concrete flooring, etc.

This modern house interior design will lend an exquisite look to your living room along with a touch of the elegant industrial sector in the twenties.

Use of Large Windows

Elegant large windows constitute a fundamental part of modern interior house design together with providing a beautiful and appreciable look to the living room. The windows are not only considered for their exquisiteness, but also for their source of natural light and freshness into the room that promotes enthusiasm and optimism.

The Movement of Metal Accents

For a sophisticated living interior, the use of Eclecticism movement is considered to give the room a polished look. Evolved in the mid - 50's, it promotes the use of wood and metal to add profuse elements of luxury, charm and style to the room.

Wide seat sofas and broad headboards together with pouffes are a part of it. Eclecticism allows a play with multiple colours and metal accents to promote a mid-century modern house interior design for the living room that you desire!

Mixture of Individuality and Modernism

You may notice some furnishings in your house giving a modern appearance, whereas the others with some industrial or rustic vibes. You can try mixing both of the elements to give not only an essence of modernist interior design approach, but maintaining the interior design that you currently use.

This assists in preserving your individuality and the design you long for, together with a modernist designing, consequently, providing an aesthetic finish.

An Open Plan Layout

An open plan layout is fundamental to the modernist approach where open or spacious designs are prioritised. Such layouts not only allow free air flow, but also provide an opportunity to contemplate and consider the significance of furniture apart from decor like sofa, chairs, etc. It provides these furnitures a main character energy, essential in modernism.


Hence, these are some chic and exquisite modern interior design ideas that you'll surely embrace!

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