Most Simple Yet Useful Vastu Tips for the Perfect Interiors

Most Simple Yet Useful Vastu Tips for the Perfect Interiors

A home always demands perfect energy to sustain a joyful and optimistic life. Ignored by many but fundamental in itself, vastu for interior design is as important for your home as vastu shastra for the construction of a home is. The home’s energy has an intractable impact on the people living in it and influences their lives.

The finer the vastu for the interior design of your house is, the better positivity and good vibes it provides to you. Based upon the five key elements of fire, water, air, earth, and space, tips on vastu shastra for interior design can bring enormous wealth, happiness, and harmony into your lives. Who wouldn’t want peace and happiness around them?

Even if you didn’t get a chance to build your home as per Vastu, you can still get several benefits by doing the appropriate Vastu interior design in your home. We have shared some fascinating tips for the same in this article.


Vastu Interior Design for Living Room

Your living room is a significant gathering place, which is why it should be comfortable and provide positive energy to everyone. As per vastu shastra for interior design, a living room should be facing north, east, north-east or north-west direction. As an essential part of most social gatherings, a Vastu-friendly living room is great for filling your guests with good vibes. Here are some tips that you can follow to enhance the decorations of your living room that are compliant with Vastu norms:

  • Keep furniture in the south or west direction.
  • Opt light colours for the walls.
  • All electrical appliances must be retained in the south-east direction.
  • Keep fresh flowers instead of artificial ones.

Vastu Interior Design for Bedroom

Make your bedroom a loving and harmonious space with the relevant vastu shastra for interior design norms to receive the best benefits from it, especially strengthening the bond between the couple.
According to century-old beliefs, a bedroom must not be placed in the north-east or south-east directions, be meant for worship, or be considered the abode of fire. Some tips for bedroom interior design as per vastu are:

  • A bedroom in the north direction is suitable for young couples, and in the south-west for the head of the family
  • Opt for earthy, grounded and light colours like brown, yellow, green, rose, etc. for a peaceful environment.
  • Try not to keep mirrors in the room, and if kept, place them along the north-east wall.

Vastu Interior Design for Kitchen

  • Kitchen, known for the health and well-being of the inhabitants, should be in the south-east direction, if not possible, in the north-west.
  • The storage places for food should not be along the northern or eastern walls.
  • Try to keep your cooking gas in the south-east direction. It should be far away from the sink and the cook should face the east direction.
  • The stove for cooking should not be visible from outdoors.
  • Never keep the temple above the gas stove and sink.
  • Try to avoid the use of black colours in the kitchen interiors.

Vastu Interior Design for Bathroom

To avoid negative energy in the house, the bathroom’s location and interiors are essential considerations. It should be in the eastern portion of the home and have soothing and bright colours to ensure peace and harmony

The vastu interior design for the bathroom requires a mirror on the east wall and a geyser in the corner of the south-east.

Vastu Interior Design for Puja Room

A puja room's vastu shastra for interior design has the following norms:

  • Direction for Puja room - North, east or north-east.
  • Facing direction while praying - East / North.
  • Suggested colours for wall - Lemon or White.
  • Never to be built in - Bedroom; adjacent to the bathroom.

Powerful Tips for Vastu Shastra for Interior Design

Vastu for interior design is optimising your home’s space as per the four directions of north, east, west, and south with the key elements. Look at some amazing tips for vastu interior design to attract prosperity to your homes.

General Vastu ‘What Not to Do’ Tips for Interior Decorations

As per Vastu Shastra, you should not do the following in your house interiors:

  • You should not use black coloured tiles or furniture at your home.
  • Try to avoid the use of dim lights in the house.
  • Do not face a mirror while you are sitting somewhere or sleeping.
  • You should not sleep in the north direction.
  • Cleanliness should be maintained persistently in the north-east corner.
  • One should avoid keeping water paintings in the bedroom or paintings associated with war, hopelessness and sadness.
  • Do not keep a broken light or fused bulb.

General Vastu ‘What to Do’ Tips for Interior Decorations

Follow the below tips about what’s right as per Vastu for your house’s interior design and add vastu compliant elegance to your home!

  • Bedroom paintings should depict a pair of objects to ensure companionship.
  • Add a Tulsi plant in your home, signifying endless prosperity. It must be kept in either north-east or east or north directions.
  • Money plant should also constitute a part of your home in the south-east corner for attracting wealth and luck.
  • Lighting design plays a crucial part too. Ensure a perfect balance of light in the house.

Best Vastu Interior Design for Your Homes!

As discussed, a vastu compliant home adds to your health and brings financial prosperity to the house. While strengthening the bond between the members of the family, it imparts positive energy to everyone and maintains harmony and happiness.

Everyone wants an environment in their home that suits their growth and success. This is the reason why people today prefer to get a home as per Vastu. Are you also thinking the same?